OneDrive Learning Materials

Available as part of N365 since Microsoft Teams was released​, OneDrive is the personal file storage area that comes with an Office 365 (or N365 in the NHS) subscription, eventually replacing your O: drive.  

OneDrive is a safe space for saving personal (but work related) files, initial document drafts, performance reviews, annual leave planners, personal notes, travel receipts, and lots more. OneDrive makes file creation and saving seamless, with the reassurance of a retrievable document version history running in the background at all times. But OneDrive is more than just a place to store your files - it’s a place for collaboration. Many of us share files externally with key clients, and OneDrive is a great way to collaborate live securely, reduce emails, and avoid duplicate copies.  

Many users take advantage of the privacy OneDrive provides, and start their document drafts there, moving the file into Teams (or into a SharePoint site) so their colleagues can provide input and review, once they’ve completed the draft.  Users of OneDrive also can upload, store and access work files from multiple devices. 


Why not take a look at the learning materials, available for the efficient use of OneDrive? Note that this section does not cover instructions on the mass migration of files from a personal drive to OneDrive, but only the uses for, and benefit of, this cloud-based solution.




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