SystmOne monthly update – August 2023

Changes released 31st August 2023. 

Appointment Number Search

The Appointment Number Search can now search the textual details field (if Appointment Numbering is enabled via Organisation Preferences>Appointments>Miscellaneous). 

Publish appointment templates to organisation groups.
Appointment templates can now be published to any organisation group of which your organisation is a member. Templates published to an organisation group are no longer available to members of a shared admin group (unless they are also members of the organisation group).

Quick action to Send Patient Appointment Invitation.
There is a new quick action Send a patient appointment invitation>Specific Appointment Invitation. It populates the Communications Annexe with a specific appointment invitation type and optional message preset.

Clinical Reporting

Pathology/radiology reports with specific codes.
Clinical Reports can now search for pathology/radiology reports that contain specified coded entries.


Send a notification message to the patient when completing a dispensing job.
There is a new option to Notify patient when dispensing job is completed in the Dispense Medication dialog. The organisation defaults are configured in Organisation Preferences>Dispensing & Stock Control>Messaging but can be overridden in the Dispense Medication dialog.


Dispensing Audit option for Medication, Prescriptions and Vaccinations.
There is a new Dispensing Audit right-click option on Medication, Prescriptions and Vaccinations.

The functionality is enabled in Organisation Preferences>Dispensing & Stock Control>Functionality.

Print dispensing labels when verifying barcodes.
If the organisation preference Validate dispensing medication using barcodes is enabled, the Barcode Confirmation dialog has an option to Print labels once the correct number of packs have been read for a drug.

With the option enabled, once all packs have been verified for a drug, the labels for that drug will be printed immediately. With the option disabled, labels will all be printed after all packs have been verified for all drugs.

Print scripts for a pending dispensing job.
The Re-Print Scripts right-click option on dispensing jobs has been renamed 'Print/Reprint Scripts'. The option is now available on all dispensing jobs whether or not they have been completed.

Dispense Medication dialog.
When Organisation Preferences>Dispensing & Stock Control>Functionality>Use stock control for prescribed medication is enabled …

The Print scripts for job tick box has been renamed 'Print/reprint all scripts for job'. It now appears at the top of the dialog with the other options that are not specific to the selected drug being dispensed.

Remove stopped drugs from pending dispensing jobs when stopping a medication issue.
When stopping a medication issue that is linked to a pending dispensing job, there is now an option to remove any stopped drugs from the dispensing jobs. There is also an option to mark the dispensing jobs as deleted or completed.

Options and Override buttons on the Dispensing dialog when dispensing with stock.
On the Dispense with Stock dialog the Override and Options buttons have been grouped into more accessible sub menus based on their functionality.

Number of copies to print when re-printing dispensing labels.
The number of copies to be printed can now be selected when re-printing dispensing labels from the Prescription History node in the patient record.


Choose which pharmacy is printed on FP10 scripts.
There is now a choice of the patient's dispensing pharmacy (recorded under Patient Care (IOS)) or nominated pharmacy when printing FP10 scripts. This new option is controlled in Organisation preferences>Prescribing>Prescription Printing.


Print only answered questions on a questionnaire.
When printing an answered questionnaire, there is now an option on the Print Sections dialog to include only answered or commented questions.


Enable automatic filing of pathology/radiology reports.
There is a new preference Automatically file all pathology/radiology reports in Organisation Preferences>Pathology>Auto-Reviewing. For details see the SystmOne Results Auto-filing guide available in Help>Support and FAQs>Documents & Training Guides.

Group related pathology reports within the patient record.
With automatic pathology filing, individual battery headers for new reports are displayed on separate lines in the Pathology & Radiology patient record screen. To replicate the original view of this screen, a new button has been added to allow battery headers that originated from the same incoming pathology report to be shown together on a single line. 

Options when reviewing Pathology/Radiology messages.
New options are available in Organisation Preferences>Pathology>Display to control …

  • messages for the patient’s next prescription
  • sending SMS preset messages to the patient
  • sending Comms Annexe messages to the patient.

Customise list of follow-up actions.
There is a new option in Organisation Preferences>Pathology>Display to control the list of pathology follow-up actions.

Bulk actioning individual batteries marked as normal.
There is a new option Allow individual battery headers to be bulk actioned in Organisation Preferences>Pathology>Auto-Reviewing. It changes the behaviour of the Pathology/Radiology Inbox Action Normal Reports button to include individual battery headers that are marked as normal irrespective of the status of the report as a whole.

This change needs auto-filing functionality to be enabled.

Launch Communications Annexe when reviewing Pathology/Radiology reports.
A new Launch Communications Annexe button has been added to the dialog used for reviewing Pathology & Radiology reports. It launches the Communications Annexe in a window alongside the review dialog so that a message to the patient can be composed and sent when the review process is complete.

Warning for too many unfiled pathology or radiology reports.
The warning message for too many unfiled pathology or radiology reports is now shown only if an organisation has more than 3000 unfiled reports (previously 500).

‘Comments for patient’ label renamed ‘Internal comments’.
The comments field on the dialog used to file/review a pathology report is designed to hold any applicable comments not just those for or about the patient. The label has been changed to reflect this.

Not possible to amend pathology reports that require a review.
The amendment option when right clicking a pathology report in the patient record is now greyed out when the report requires a review.

Review individual battery headers with automatic Pathology/Radiology filing.
There are two new buttons when viewing an incoming pathology/radiology report.

  • Mark Battery as Reviewed to allow an individual battery header to be reviewed independent of other battery headers in the report.
  • Mark Report as Reviewed to allow unreviewed battery headers to be reviewed as a group.

Patient Communications

New Communications Annexe quick action.
There is a new quick action Launch Communications Annexe>Specific Message Preset to launch the Communications Annexe with a selected message preset already applied.

Patient Record

Printing consultations from the journal using current journal filter.
Previously when printing consultations from the journal (using the Print Consultations toolbar button), the printout did not always match what was seen on the screen because it did not use the journal filter.

There is now a tick box on the Print Consultations dialog to use the current journal filter. By default, it is ticked and prints what is shown on the screen.


Default Login Screen in User Preferences.
The Default Login Screen option is now in User Preferences>Home Screen>Default login screen (as well as Configure Home Screen).

Paper layouts publishable to groups.
Paper layouts defined in PC Settings>Letter/Label Printing>Built-in Labels can now be published to organisation groups using the Publish right click option.


“Why am I seeing this?” hyperlinks on protocol outputs.
Whenever an information box or question dialog appears as the result of a protocol there is now a hyperlink called “Why am I seeing this?” that gives the name of the protocol and who to contact if the protocol should be enabled/amended.

Protocol output to send messages via the Communications Annexe.
There is a new Protocol output Comms Annexe for configuring Communications Annexe defaults and variables used in messages. There is an option to either launch the Communications Annexe to review the message before sending or automatically send the message.


Selecting Health Authorities when registering GMS patients.
It is no longer possible to select a Health Authority to which your organisation is not linked.

When registering a patient there is no longer a prompt if the Health Authority for the patient's address does not match the selected Health Authority. The patient's Health Authority should always be set to the practice's Health Authority.


Report on appointments using a list of rota types.
When reporting on appointments it is now possible to select more than one rota type.


Record stock lines for withdrawn or discontinued medication.
The validation which prevented the recording of stock for withdrawn or discontinued medication has been changed to a warning.

Dispensary Stock Item dialog.
When adding a New Item on the Current Stock screen, selecting ‘OK and Another’ now opens a new blank dialog to add another item.


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