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Gloucestershire Hospices Launch SystmOne Palliative Care

What we were asked to do

In June 2022 we were approached by Gloucestershire ICB (GICB) Digital Transformation Team to provide SystmOne training, over a nine-month period, to three hospices - Longfield, Great Oaks and Kate’s Home Nursing.

Each hospice received a centrally funded grant for the provision of this training, to support their migration to SystmOne from their existing system, which was standalone and did not provide opportunity for interoperability with GP systems or Spine connectivity.  

By using SystmOne, the hospices would: 

  • Improve communication between themselves, with GP practices and with community services, all of which were already using SystmOne patient record sharing capability.  
  • Ensure that multi-disciplinary teams were united under one system, helping them to deliver joined-up, personalised care.  
  • Create and share care plans across the local health community. 
  • Reduce admin time by using SystmOne to SystmOne internal electronic referrals, saving time on phone calls and emails. 

What we did before training  

In partnership with the Longfield Hospice project team, we established what they wanted from their clinical system, using process maps to interpret and determine how staff would use SystmOne. With this information, we were able to configure their Live SystmOne Palliative Care unit and tailor it to suit their needs.  This included: 

  • Creating and setting up Caseloads, Appointment Ledgers and Waiting Lists, as well as Teams for each of the services e.g Complementary Therapy, Hospice at Home, Bereavement. 
  • Designing and creating clinical templates for consistent data entry standard  

Working with GICB change management, we gained an understanding of what the local ICB reporting requirements were, which informed how SystmOne would need to be configured, in order to be able to extract the correct data from the hospice systems

Training and support during and post go-live  

'From this preparation work we were able to incorporate local processes into role-specific lesson plans, as well as establish a first point of contact for SystmOne Subject Matter Expertise (SME).  

'Working with Hospice colleagues, we created a training schedule which delivered flexibility and gold-standard training for 60 clinical and non-clinical staff, in line with budgetary requirements, incorporating: 

  • Generic Getting Started training for all staff, followed by more detailed Role Specific training sessions which focused on the service processes 
  • User guides to support ongoing learning 
  • Champion Users, trained up to support each department 
  • Two trainers on site providing floorwalking support during and post go-live 
  • Telephone support for three months post go-live 

What was the outcome  

Following this process, we successfully trained 60 clinical and non-clinical staff to use SystmOne safely, over a four-week period.  Extra training was provided for Champion users, System Administrators and staff running clinical reports.  Longfield Hospice went live with SystmOne in early October 2022, followed by Great Oaks and Kate’s Home Nursing, in January and February 2023. 

What our customers thought  

'They were the best training team I’ve ever worked with and were very helpful and kind with less confident staff' - Phil Battrick, Technology Transformation manager at Longfield

'The team were really proactive as part of the run up to go live, and checked in regularly to make sure they were okay rather than waiting for issues to crop up, which was much appreciated' - Clinical lead at Longfield

'We had been feeling quite apprehensive about the SystmOne go live, but our attitude has changed since we started working with Bernie and Joy as their knowledge of the system and work done to date has given us a lot more confidence. We are very happy with Steve’s work on our templates and configuration' – Great Oaks staff

‘I want to say a big thank you to you both as every time I speak to you with queries about SystmOne you always calmy and logically explain everything to me, nothing is ever too much trouble. I know you are very busy people, but every time I speak with you, you always make me feel like I am your only ‘customer’ and I know you have lots of people like me to help. You clearly are both very dedicated to your work and this means a lot to us as we want to get the most out of this system for our patients too. I was wondering if you could let me know your managers email and I could contact them to say thank you too.’ - Nick Puffett RN QN (Queens Nurse), Clinical Nursing Manager, Kate's Home Nursing

'Both hospices have said they are extremely impressed both with the team’s knowledge, and way of working with people – particularly with staff who are not confident with IT. I definitely noticed a positive change in the attitude of both hospices towards the SystmOne go live, following the team starting to engage with them.  The whole team have been praised, but Bernie and Joy were named in particular.   If I were ever running a similar project, I would absolutely ask for them again as they have made a world of difference' – Digital Programme Manager  




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