Airmid App for TPP

TPP are in the process of releasing a new patient facing App called ‘Airmid’.

This will allow the patient to book appointments, request medication and view their medical record plus many other features (Full information and user guides can be found as mentioned in the TPP notice below).

Please note this needs to be turned on in Organisational preferences (Online Service>Airmid) for the patient to be able to view their medical record.

Airmid Live is due to be released in March. A followup notice will be posted once it is available on the stores for download.

When we upload the Live app to Android and iOS stores, we will temporarily remove the Demo apps, with an aim to re-name the Demo apps into "TPP Demo" and list them on the stores again.

This is to avoid confusion for the patients who wants to download the app.

Relevant user guides for Airmid and Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR) functionalities can be found on Live and Demo by visiting our FAQ pages on SystmOne.