SystmOne Updates - April 2020


Prescribing - You will be able to create Future Issues of a drug for up to 12 months in the future.

Currently when creating Future Issues for a drug you can only select up to 3 months in the future. As of the Maintenance Release, this will be extended and you will be able to select up to 12 months.

Some drugs which previously would have been prescribed as personally administered by default will now default to not personally administered.

Currently, any drug which is marked as personally administered by Multilex will default to personally administered when prescribing, which will mean an ETP script would not be sent.

With this new functionality, if the drug is in the list of drugs specified in an organisation preference, when prescribing the drug the checkbox to specify if it was personally administered will be unticked by default. 

The preference can be found in Organisation Preferences > Prescribing > Personally Administered. 

This change will not take effect immediately after the Maintenance Release. TPP will post a further message once this functionality has been enabled. TPP expects to enable this functionality on or before 23 Apr 2020.

You can now choose a one-off nomination for EPS2 prescriptions.

Currently, you are unable to send a script to a pharmacy that is not the patient's nomination on PDS. This change will allow you to send the script to a one-off nomination. The patient's PDS nomination is not changed, and all subsequent scripts will still respect their PDS nomination.  


Stayed tuned for next months instalment!

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