SystmOne Updates - August 2020


Airmid -

Data entered by patients in Airmid will no longer be editable in SystmOne.

Currently, it is possible for you to edit data entered by patients in Airmid using SystmOne, if that data is visible in the Journal. After the next maintenance release, this will no longer be possible.

Change not released

It will be possible to configure templates and questionnaires so that data recorded in Airmid is treated as part of the SystmOne shared record.

It will be possible to configure templates and questionnaires that are published to Airmid so that you 'take ownership' of data entered through them. This will result in the data entered by a patient via that template being treated as if it was recorded by a clinician at the unit that published the template. Data entered in this way will become part of the SystmOne shared record and will be included in reporting.

Additionally, for questionnaires, it will be possible to create questionnaires for Airmid users that result in a task being created to file this data to the record (in the same way as questionnaires filled out through SystmOnline). 

It will still be possible to create templates and questionnaires that do not take ownership or create tasks and no existing templates/questionnaires will be affected. 

This functionality will not be available immediately after the maintenance release. It will be enabled at a later date.

You will be able to publish protocols to Airmid. Currently, protocols can be published to Airmid regardless of which triggers and components they use. The majority of triggers and components are unavailable in Airmid, and so the protocol will not run as expected. 

From the next Maintenance Release, you will only be able to publish protocols to Airmid if all triggers and components are supported in Airmid. In addition, any templates that can be launched from the protocol will also need to be available to Airmid users. If this is not the case, you will be given the option to automatically publish these templates to the relevant Organisation Group.


Instant Messaging

You will be able to send instant messages to teams via the Messaging dialog. This will allow you to send an instant message to all currently logged on users that are members of the chosen team or teams


Note: Teams are different to User groups (apparently Teams may replace user groups at some point in the future) 

When replying to an instant message, you will be told if the user you are replying to is no longer online. Currently, you are not given any indication of whether or not the user you are replying to will see the message.

You will be able to create and send instant responses to received messages. Currently there are no preset messages to respond to instant messages with. You will now be able to use pre-made default and custom responses when replying to these messages. You can create custom messages when replying to a message and will be able to immediately send a specific response using the menus provided on the reply screen.



Patients with video consultations will not appear on the Evacuation List. Currently, patients that are currently in video consultations are included in the Evacuation List. From the next Maintenance Release these patients will not be included.

Note: This will only be patients with a video consultation slot in TPP (not just using AccuRX) 


Pathology / Radiology 

When printing migrated textual Pathology Reports, the coded investigations will be included. Printing Pathology Reports which have been migrated onto SystmOne will also include any coded investigations. This ensures that any migrated reports which do not contain the full details of the results as part of the report itself will retain all relevant details when printed.


Patient Record 

The informative texts seen when creating Special Notes and Reminders will be amended for clarity. Currently when creating a Special Note there is an information box at the top of the dialog warning you that special notes will be visible to all organisations. There is also similar information next to the High Priority Radio Button when creating a reminder.

 These will be changed in order to make it more clear that these will not be visible in the patient's Summary Care Record. 



Staff on leave will now show in purple when selecting a document recipient. When forwarding a document to a staff member, any staff members that are currently on leave will show in purple and will have (Currently on leave) after their name. This will match the behaviour of the Update Task dialog.


Bulk Actions 

There will be a new Bulk action to send tasks. Currently, there is a bulk action to send tasks to a patient's usual/registered GP. After the Maintenance Release, there will be a new bulk action to send tasks to a chosen recipient. This will launch the New Task dialog where you will be able to choose a recipient as normal



The 'For Me' filter in the Task List inbox filter options will be renamed to make it clearer. On the Task List screen, in the filter tree there is currently a filter called 'For Me', as of the next release this will be renamed to 'For Me and My Group(s)' to help clarify the difference between the 'For Me' filter and the 'For Only Me' filter.



Instant Messages will now stack properly from the bottom right of the screen. Currently, Instant Messages appear in a stack from the bottom of the screen. If you dismiss one at the bottom of the stack, the remaining Instant Messages stay in their original positions and 'float' where they were. 

As of the next Maintenance Release, Instant Messages will move to fill the gap left by ones that have been dismissed. 

Additionally, where there are too many Instant Messages to fit on your screen, they will be arranged into a second column. 


Stay tuned for next months instalment!

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