EMIS Web Updates - July 2021

Version update 9.13



Performance enhancements to EPS signing tasks

This only affects the tasks in the Awaiting Signing folder and gives the user the option to supress user-defined patient warnings. This will allow the process of signing EPS prescriptions to be much quicker. Read more about this new enhancement and how to set this at either a user level or organisation level here.  

SNOMED CT Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) flags

EMIS Health have introduced QOF flags into the SNOMED CT codes to help users maximise their QOF achievement. Click here for full information and a short video on how to activate/deactivate the new QOF flags. Please note: the Qof flags are activated as default.  


Registration – Time audit for deducted patients

When deducting patients, the time of the deduction is now audited as well as the date. This will be useful for those organisations who register and deduct patients on the same day.

The time of the deduction for a patient can then be included when creating or editing searches and reports in Population Reporting. 



Frequently asked questions on EMIS Now

For any ‘Frequently asked questions’  you can go to the EMIS Now homepage, which is refreshed and updated on a regular basis.

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