SystmOne monthly update – June 2022

Changes released 30th June 2022


Only show the slot time against the first slot of a multi-patient slot on the Appointment Ledger

Currently on the Appointment Ledger, the slot time shows against all slots of a multi-patient slot. There is now an option to only show the slot time against the first slot on the Appointment Ledger.

Amend empty multi-patient slots that have more than one appointment

You can now amend multi-patient slots on the Appointment Ledger screen by right clicking on a slot and selecting Amend Slot. You will also be able to amend multi-patient slots while amending a rota. 


Tamil and Malay on the Patient Check-In screen. 

Tamil and Malay are now available for use on the Patient Check-In screen.

Send tasks to a patient's GP via an eWorkflow

It is now possible to configure an eWorkflow to send tasks to a patient's registered GP, usual GP or registered GP practice.


Order Comms

Pathology/radiology results originating from Order Requests sent to the Requesting Clinician 

Previously, pathology/radiology results that originated from Order Requests were sent to the requester of that order (i.e. the person who created the request in SystmOne). They will now be sent to the Requesting Clinician that was selected at the point of ordering. 

Patient Communications

New merge fields on the Communications Annexe 

There are new merge fields for Patient Title, Organisation Name, Organisation Main Telephone and Organisation Appointments Telephone. Existing patient merge fields have been renamed to include the word “Patient” (e.g. "Forename" has become "Patient Forename").


Patient Record

Removed consent override functionality

TPP have received notification that the Control of Patient Information (COPI) notice issued during the pandemic expires on 30th June 2022. One of the changes introduced under the COPI notice was the re-introduction of Consent Override functionality. This functionality has now been removed (as from the end of June). All organisations that are making use of the Consent Override should be aware of this and make appropriate changes to operating procedures. 

Hide consultations from online services when using Event Details Templates

There is now an option for Visible in the online record on the Event Details Template dialog. This auto-populates the same option on the Event Details dialog so that you no longer need to manually set it after applying an event details template. Existing templates will default to being visible in the online record.



New Protocol trigger for Marking in Error letters and communications 

There is a new Protocol trigger Letter/communication marked in error. You can choose whether a protocol should trigger every time a letter/communication is marked in error or just once per patient retrieval.



Disable option for using approximate ages when registering patients 

A new preference is available in Organisation Preferences > Registration > Miscellaneous called Allow searching by approximate date of birth. By default this is enabled which means no change to existing behaviour. If the preference is disabled, various dialogs used for registering patients will only allow selecting specific dates of birth.



Additional search fields on the Batch Number Locator screen 

There are now search fields for Date Range as well as Medication when searching on the Batch Number Locator screen.



Advisory text on New Task dialog when sending a task to another organisation 

When creating a new task for an external organisation, additional text will display on the New Task dialog regarding the clinical implications of sending a task to another organisation.

This text says, "Unless you have an agreed standard operating procedure for the handling of tasks in place with the organisation you are sending to, you MUST NOT rely on the sending of a task to communicate clinical issues - direct verbal communication should be used for urgent issues. Always include your contact details when sending a task outside of your organisation.".


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