SystmOne Updates - September 2020


Airmid -

You will be able to restrict which patients can complete templates and questionnaires in Airmid.

Currently, any templates or questionnaires published to Airmid are available for all patients at your organisation to use.

From the next Maintenance Release you will be able to restrict which patients are able to use these templates and questionnaires to the results of a clinical report. This can be done by setting the "Restrict data entry to patients in report" option, which is on the Airmid Settings tab of the Amend Template and Amend Questionnaire dialogs.

Pathology reports will show follow-up actions and result indicators in Airmid.

Currently, Airmid shows neither the follow-up actions nor the result indicator when displaying pathology reports. As of the next Airmid release these will be displayed on the Lab Results screen. Additionally, the column headers above the linked coded entries will now only display "Result" and "[Normal Range]" if there are coded entries which have numeric values or normal ranges respectively.



Only System Administrators will be able to amend Slot Types.

Currently there are 3 places in SystmOne where users can amend Slot Types. These are:

1. Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences.

2. Appointments > Appointments Settings.

3. Setup > Appointments > Slot Types.

At the moment the first two require a user to be a System Administrator in order to access the screen to amend Slot Types. As of the Maintenance Release, to create consistency in SystmOne, the third place where you can amend Slot Types will also only be accessible to System Administrators. 

PLEASE NOTE: This change will not affect the ability to amend slots on an existing rota.



A new option will be added to allow configured URLs to be launched within a SystmOne controlled browser.

A new launch option of "SystmOne Controlled" will be added to the dialog for creating a new URL via URL & Program Maintenance. When selected, the url will be launched within an internal browser window linked to the SystmOne client. 

Two additional options will be added for use with a SystmOne controlled browser to allow the browser to be closed automatically:

- Close the browser when the patient record is saved or discarded.

- Close the browser when the user switches patient record when multiple patient records are open.


Patient Record

You will no longer be prompted to record a special note when adding certain Read codes.

Currently you are prompted to record a special note for the patient when adding any of the following codes:

- Any code under the PC1 read code cluster: Palliative care codes (PALCARE)

- 'Support for staff dealing with violent patients ESA' (XaKA9)

- 'Frequent caller to urgent care services' (Y0e91)

- 'Patient status alert: special notes' (Y0ab3)

After the next maintenance release you will no longer be prompted to record a special note. This change is being made in response to some misunderstanding of where Special Notes are visible. Cases have been reported of users recording codes in the Palliative care read code cluster, with the system then prompting the user to record a Special Note. Users were then mistakenly believing that this Special Note will be visible in the patient's SCR. 

Notes are instead made visible in the SCR AI upload by recording the read code 'Special patient note' (Xab5P) and adding the note.



A Propagate User Preferences screen will be made available which allows system administrators to copy preference settings to other users. 

A Propagate User Preferences screen will be made available which will allow system administrators to copy certain preference settings from a single user to a specified list of other users at your organisation. This will be found under Setup > Bulk Operations.



Future dated issues of repeat templates will respect the Organisation Preference for unticking the Personally Administered flag.

When creating future dated issues via the Repeat Templates screen, the organisation preference to untick the personally administered flag on selected drugs will be taken into account. This will allow these issues to be sent electronically.



You will be able to create task templates to send tasks to the patient's GP.

As of the next Maintenance Release, when creating or amending a task template, you will be able to choose the patient's GP as the recipient of the task.



Background windows that cannot be interacted with will be darkened when using the Pastel look and feel.

As of the next Maintenance Release, SystmOne windows will be darkened when a dialog is opened. This will only affect the Pastel look and feel. 

You will be able to jump from a result in the Search Features bar to its normal menu location.

Currently, when you search for a feature in the Search Features bar, you are not shown where in the SystmOne menus that feature can normally be found. 

From the next Maintenance Release, search results in the Search Features bar:

- will have their menu location in the tooltip;

- will have a button which, when clicked, will open the feature's normal menu location. 

When browsing the search results using the up and down arrow keys, you will also be able to jump to the selected feature's menu location using the right arrow, when the text entry caret is at the end of the search text. 

When you jump to a feature's menu location, pressing Enter or clicking the feature will launch the feature from that menu as normal.

Pressing Enter or clicking the search result without jumping to the menu location will launch the feature directly, as before. 

Features which can be found using the Search Features function but which are not present in any menus will not have the extra button and will work as before.

Stay tuned for next months instalment!

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