The Challenge

Following an extensive and detailed Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of practice staff across the SCW geography (winter 2017 – spring 2018), a breakdown of results identified a training need for those users who, although knowledgeable of EMIS generally, were less confident with specific functionality, such as EMIS Protocols and Concepts.

Protocols and Concepts had been offered and delivered, as a conventional face-to-face training session, over the years in our previous Training Programmes, and had always proved to be popular with practices.

However, attending a full Protocols and Concepts training session was not always a viable option, or indeed relevant for those users with specific gaps in their knowledge. A new learning approach was needed.


What we delivered

In consultation with our CCG partners, and aligned with the results of the TNA, we decided to take a more blended approach to EMIS Protocols and Concepts training delivery, in order to meet the specific needs of this training requirement.

Rather than exclusively offering face-to-face training, seven 45 minute live webinar sessions were organised throughout August 2018, and GP practices across the entire SCW geography (Central West, Central East, South West, South and Surrey) were invited to attend.

Webinars were split into two modules:

Recorded versions of the webinars were made available for users that weren’t able to attend the live sessions, or for attendees to review again if required. Follow-up onsite training and support was also offered.


The Outcome

In total 69 practices joined these webinars during August, with overwhelmingly positive feedback received from those who attended (see anonymised customer feedback).

Practice staff found the webinars convenient, quick and easy to access and watch, with specific content more relevant to their actual training needs than might be the case in a conventional training session.

By using webinars as a media to deliver this training, minimal Service Level Agreement (SLA) Days were used from our CCG customers; and the shared learning cost was spread across all areas, demonstrating a cost-effective approach to training. Further savings were made from a reduction on trainer and delegate travel time.

As a result of the success of these webinars further live sessions have been delivered and more are scheduled for the future – please check our website for details!

What our customers thought: ‘Short concise session concentrating on one area’ ‘Covered everything, not too quickly, very clearly’ ‘Timing was excellent! ‘