Training Programme

Provided by your CCG

The SCW IT Training Team is pleased to introduce the IT Training Programme timetable for the period between April and June 2019.  This IT Training Programme is provided by your CCG in support of Clinical System optimisation and there is no charge to your GP Practice

Results from the SCW GP Practice IT Training Needs Analysis conducted in 2018 informed us that training at GP Practices needs to focus on the following key areas.  These have been incorporated into the IT Training Plan for 2019/20 and have been agreed by your CCG.

  • Core Clinical System
  • Data Quality
  • System Optimisation
  • National Programme


SCW will provide a blend of learning options which include Group Training, Webinars, Videos, on-site Workshops and Telephone Support.

To download our IT Training Prospectus please visit our Prospectus page