Introduction to medical terminology

This course is designed for GP practice administration staff who need a basic understanding of the words and language they may come across in the practice.

If you plan to become a note summariser or perform clinical coding duties it is recommended that you attend this course.

The course is delivered via MS Teams. Instructions for how to prepare for remote training can be found here.

Course content:

Introduction to medical terminology part 1

  • introduction to medical terminology
  • identification of the main human body organs and bones
  • abbreviations and acronyms
  • common terms in the language of health

Duration: 2 hours

Introduction to medical terminology part 2

  • understanding the doctors dictionary
  • breaking down medical words into their component parts
  • translate medical terms into everyday language

Duration: 2 hours


To find out more about this course please contact the IT training administration team on or tel: 0300 123 5678.

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